“Other Bubbles” Favorites and What’s Next?

It was extremely satisfying seeing the enthusiastic response to the “Other Bubbles” tasting I hosted at The Wine House on February 12. What started as a small idea, which I initially discussed with some of my wine friends, turned into an actual event that sold out quickly. It seems many people like bubbles!

We ended up with a wait list of over 20 people (only one attendee cancelled at the last minute). I wish I could have let everyone in, but we had to limit the amount of wine we poured. Seeing this enthusiastic reception to “Other Bubbles,” I may try to make this a bigger event next year.

The wines we poured were grouped by country or continent to give the curious tasters the opportunity to understand how geography, and changing global climates, are affecting grape growing and sparkling wine production.

Gusbourne and Chapel Down English Sparkling bottles
Gusbourne and Chapel Down

With the above in mind, one of the most popular tasting groups was the English wines. We poured two wines each from Gusbourne and Chapel Down, a brut and a rose. “I’ve never tasted wine from England” was uttered countless times, and most people were pleasantly surprised at what they tasted. I’m thrilled that these wines were so warmly received, as I visited both of the wineries while on my Graduation Trip last year upon completion of my WSET diploma course. I love the bracing acidity of these wines, and I hope more people discover them in the years to come. I’m pleased to say they are now sold at the Wine House.

Another hit from the event was the Bird in Hand sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé from the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Priced at just $16.99 per bottle, this juicy, peppy sparkler was described by many attendees as an “everyday” sparkling wine or a perfect backyard barbecue wine.

I will be visiting Australia in October as part of the Wine Media Conference, which this year takes me to the Hunter Valley, famous for its beautiful Semillons. I’ll also be exploring the Mudgee region, notable for it’s cuisine, its honey, and, of course, its wines.

But up next is the Spanish Wine Fest on Sunday, March 31 at the Wine House. Tickets are $75, which buys you an afternoon of nearly 50 wines, including some high-end Rioja Reservas, paella and Spanish tapas. I hope to see you there. Purchase tickets.

Until next time,